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AI: Definitions and Stakes

Published on 2 October 2020

Bringing Edge Artifical Intelligence to Life

Artificial Intelligence is no longer an abstract concept, it already fuels our everyday life with communication tools (e.g Google 'Smart Compose' feature, Siri, etc). Tomorrow, AI will play a greater and perhaps a more important societal role, predicting and assessing our health risks, providing customer support, easing trafic congestion Read more

Soft & Hardware: The Perfect MatchUntil recently, everything you needed to know about AI was software-related. Edge AI has slightly changed the tune, with the need for on-device algorithm processing. As algorithms are becoming more and more complex to address most advanced AI, hardware is requiring new microelectronic solutions to meet the evolving demands of IoT packed with AI Read more

Edge AI: The fast & Chip need

Because conventional chips can't keep up with the upcoming of most sophisticated AI supported within devices, a growing need for semiconductor technologies has emerged. Yesterday's Cloud-based Web giant are now heavily investing into the semiconductor industry, and actively looking for new R&D solutions to migrate most AI to the edge Read more

Contact : Elisa Vianello

Edge AI program Manager

CEA-Leti Edge AI Program : to pionner reliable and energy efficient semiconductor solutions.

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