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Complex Systems

Complex Systems

​​Complex systems are characterized by autonomy in decision and action to perform their tasks using high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, large data bases, global communication networks. 

Published on 17 January 2020


Managing increasingly complex systems effectively and securely

Complex systems are characterized by autonomy in decision and action to perform  tasks using high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, large data bases and global communication networks. 

Leti is proposing new solutions to address the following market requirements:

  • Innovative system architectures leveraging distributed functions like sensing, actuating, processing (locally or remotely), energy harvesting and storage, and communication

  • Innovative hardware (sensors, actuators, energy harvesters, communication circuits, antennas) and embedded low-power processing solutions. Their integration into objects or materials through extreme miniaturization or their distribution on thin, flexible and stretchable supports is also being addressed

  • Wireless communications with improved efficiency, reliability, latency for real-time applications

  • Securing individual circuits and communicating objects often exposed to attackers and/or severe environments. Innovative strategies are required to guarantee the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information in the devices, including cryptography and cryptosystems for long-term security

Extremely low latency and system noise high density 16 bit pressure measurement ribbon for air-flow characterization.​ Security Assessment: Physical attacks Platform​

Cryptography is complex

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