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Wireless Communication & Networks

Wireless Communication & Networks

Leti's RF Technologies in Front End Modules, Mm-wave connectivity and Backhauling are meeting 5G challenges 

Published on 27 September 2018

5G challenges

Leti's RF Technologies in Front End Modules, Mm-wave connectivity and Backhauling are meeting 5G challenges. 

  • Smaller, cheaper RF Front End Modules 
Cellphone RF functions require an ever broader frequency spectrum to increase data and video exchange rates worldwide and there is major demand for new technologies that offer smaller, cheaper RF modules. Early on, Leti developed RF switches and LDMOS devices using high resistivity silicon-on-insulator substrate to enable CMOS replacement of AsGa components. We are currently working on next technology pathfinders to further reduce the cost of multi-mode multi-band RF Front End Modules. Filters are the most expensive part of an RF module and isolation between frequency bands is difficult in carrier aggregation mode.  LETI is investigating new concepts to decrease filter numbers using novel acoustic devices and substrate engineering. 

  • Mm-wave-based low power, high data rate connectivity
Presented at 2016 CES, Leti’s G-Link solution is a 10-20x lower power solution for a high-speed wireless transmission at 60 GHz over short distances. G-Link 2nd generation is even delivering a higher data rate (5 Gbps) with a very low power consumption (50 mW).
Further developments include higher frequencies (>100 GHz) for wider bandwidth at 25-40 Gbps/link.

  • Backhauling – Mm-wave antenna, switches & phase shifters
Short distance, low power transmission enables LNA and PA, phase shifters, switches and antenna phase arrays to be integrated into standard CMOS technologies. However, multiple challenges, including antenna cost and efficiency, arise when transmission distance extends beyond a few meters. One of the main challenges is the antenna cost and efficiency.  Leti has designed new antenna for backhauling and is investigating new RF switch and phase shifter technologies to reduce losses and handle high power in the mm-wave range.

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