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CEA-Leti-strenghs in Edge Artificial Intelligence

Published on 27 January 2021

Supporting industries

In 2019, CEA-Leti launched a program dedicated to responding to the growing and urgent need of industry for solutions to successfully migrate artificial intelligence to the edge. The program brings together some 50 multidisciplinary experts through various partnerships, possessing all the necessary skills to develop hardware and software solutions, capable of supporting Edge AI... Read more

A multi-domain expertise

​The development of high-performance, low-cost and low-consumption Edge AI solutions requires a broad range of skills in the development of non-volatile memories, sensors and circuits, including the development of advanced algorithms, such as incremental machine learning... Read more

Tailor-made Edge AI solutions

​The program is open to all profiles of industrial manufacturers that are looking for competitive, tailor-made solutions for incorporating artificial intelligence in their products now or in the future. The team is developing innovative and competitive technological solutions for major groups, SMEs and even start-ups... Read more

Contact : Elisa Vianello

Edge AI program Manager

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