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Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

New materials underpin Leti innovation in emerging fields such as IoT, automotive engineering, energy, health monitoring and micro and nano electronics.

Published on 3 May 2024


Advanced materials: a driver of opportunities

New materials underpin innovation in emerging fields such as IoT, automotive engineering, energy, health monitoring and micro and nano electronics.

Leti's expertise in epitaxy is a continuous source of innovative devices: GaN-on-Si 200 mm for power devices [1], GaN-on-SiC or sapphire for LEDs [9, 10], GeSn for lasers, Ge for photonics [2], CdHgTe for infrared detectors [8]. Development of 2D materials such as MoS is in progress using innovative processes [3].

Leti is a pioneer in wafer bonding: SOI, FDSOI, Coolcube technologies, first 300 mm InGaAs-on-insulator substrates for upcoming microelectronics nodes [4] and 3D integration [5] based on direct bonding. New generations of dedicated substrates are currently under study.

Leti is closely involved in thin film deposition including Lead Zirconate Titanate for MEM tunable filters and memories  [6]. It is also a key player in the latest generations of dielectrics, interconnects, chalcogenides, polymers, electrolytes, electrodes and packaging materials for nano electronics, nano energy sources and nano biotechnologies.


Left: Picture of an InGaAsOI substrate after layer transfer.
Right: TEM and HR-TEM images of the transferred InGaAs layer on Al2O3 buried oxide.  

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