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Heading for new memories

Published on 29 September 2022

Heading for new memories: CEA-Leti strategies, assets and technological progress

Memory has once again become a priority, for two reasons:
Data is being produced at an exponential rate. With the massive use of connected objects and smart systems, along
with the increasing number of data centers, the world will most likely be generating 175 million terabytes by 2025 —10 times the volume produced in 2015. Improving the performance and density of memory is crucial. Storing and transferring data consumes up to 90% of the energy needed for computing systems. Non-volatile memories, which store information when they are not powered to reduce their energy consumption, are required.

Additionally, these systems must be entirely rethought around memory as a way of limiting the transfer of data and stepping away from the Von Neumann model.

CEA-Leti is developing three emerging technologies for high-potential non-volatile memories: phase change memories (PCRAM or PCM), ferroelectric memories (FeRAM or FRAM), and resistive memories (ReRAM or RRAM). More recently, the institute has been studying magnetic memories (SOT-MRAM), known for their writing speed and record endurance.


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