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Soft & Hardware: The Perfect Match

Published on 26 January 2021

Soft & Hardware: The Perfect Match                                                                               

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  • ​Until recently, everything you needed to know about AI was software-related. Edge AI has slightly changed the tune, with the need for on-device algorithm processing. 

  • As algorithms are becoming more and more complex to address most advanced AI, hardware is requiring new microelectronic solutions to meet the evolving demands of IoT packed with AI. 

  • Transfer cloud-based software solutions within a highly miniaturized chip is no small task. Of central importance is the need to achieve unprecedented efficiency and speed in the collection and analysis of data, while also managing power consumption and form factor. In the hardware domain, this will require innovative thinking and new paradigms in sensors, processors, memory, interconnection, and packaging.

  • Both memory and computing capacity are key to determine the cost / performance ratio of an AI solution, including the design of algorithms.  Because Software and Hardware are now going hand in hand, CEA-Leti collaborates with CEA-List to develop the best Hardware/Software solutions that will support AI locally. The program offers common laboratories to tailor, in partnership with industrials, complete solutions, from algorithms solutions to chip design.  

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