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Real-time indoor tracking of cordless industrial power tools

​Industrial tool manufacturer Desoutter turned to the CEA Tech Pays le Loire regional technology transfer platform in Nantes for help developing a powerful, easy-to-use solution to locate industrial tools in real time inside buildings.

Published on 10 October 2019

​Knowing where cordless power tools are in a factory and how they are being used is an excellent way to improve assembly-line efficiency, safety, and quality control. Desoutter, a company that manufactures industrial-grade electric and pneumatic tools for assembly lines turned to Leti via the CEA Tech Pays de Loire regional tech-transfer platform in Nantes for assistance developing an effective tool tracking system.

The ultra-wide-band (UWB) solution Leti developed has now been transferred to Desoutter. A box containing sensors is mounted onto each tool, and triangulation beacons are installed inside the buildings. Tools can be located to within 30 cm. What makes the solution truly innovative, however, is the new data transfer and location algorithms, which make the system easy to modify. Additional tools can be integrated directly into the existing fleet without the help of an outside solutions provider, which had been the case until now.

This successful partnership has already led to new projects. CEA Tech asked Desoutter to work on the CEA Tech FFLOR industrial solutions platform in Lorraine where, together, the partners will continue to support companies in their transition to digital technology and Industry 4.0.

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