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Medical devices



Published on 19 June 2024
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Revolutionizing disease monitoring and treatment

Digital technologies, disruptive medical devices and embedded intelligence are revolutionizing the monitoring, treatment, and even evolution of medical conditions.​

New paths​

New microtechnologies are being integrated into caregiver data systems and devices. These advances open​ the door to an unprecedented range of possibilities: ​

  • Continuously monitor pathologies such as hypertension and directly alert an individual to his or her stress level.​
  • Suggest or automatically trigger the delivery of an active ingredient, such as insulin, to prevent fluctuations in a physiological parameter.
  • Monitor patients during and after the fitting of a prosthesis in order to improve rehabilitation and limit the risk of complications and support rehabilitation.
  • Slow down the progression of Parkinson's disease by shining infrared light on the part of the brain affected by degeneration. A one-of-its-kind clinical trial is currently underway to evaluate this revolutionary therapeutic approach. ​​

New devices​

These outpatient imaging devices will profoundly tran​sform care paths. What's more, their performance will be at least equivalent to that of reference devices: their images will be just as high quality as those from major hospitals.​​​

Our medical devices​

CEA-Leti is developing four types of solutions: in vitro, wearable and implanted medical devices, and the necessary software to guide decision-making. By providing additional information, miniaturization and portability, and by proposing various modes of regulation, these technologies are helping transform the care model and increase patient involvement. Each of these solutions is developed to meet the high level of performance, robustness and regulatory compliance necessary for medical devices.​​​

Technology demonstrators​ ​

Imagerie médicale

BCI Wimagine®
A Brain-Spine Interface to help paraplegic patients regain mobility​​​

Dispositifs médicaux

An extracranial medical device for photobiomodulation​​​
Extra-cranial infrared photoillumination offers hope for Alzheimer's disease​​​

Outils pharmaceutiques

Intracerebral Optical Device​​​​ ​
Slowing down Parkinson’s disease using intracranial photobiomodulation, ie “light medicine into the brain”​​

Système de surveillance

Multi-sensor system for knee implants: detects infection and facilitates surgery and rehabilitation ​

Imagerie médicale

Computational Lensfree Microscopy​ ​
Imaging technology for point-of-care analysis and pathology screening​

Dispositifs médicaux

Accurate relaxation monitoring device for everyday life ​


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Micro-nano technologies for health​​​​​​

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