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Tools for well-being and environment



Published on 19 June 2024
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Improving the monitoring of exposome​ ​​

The quality of food, water, air and soil has direct documented effects on human health​

Our goal​​

​It is essential to monitor these factors in order to organize strategies and categorize risks. CEA-Leti’s technological projects in this field aim to bolster our ability to monitor and understand these quality of life issues.​​

A field approach​

All of the institution’s projects in this field have a common goal, namely to increase responsiveness. To do so, requires that analysis and pre-analysis tools be relocated to the field in order to be as close as possible to the monitored environment. At the same time, these tools must at least match the performance of conventional laboratory equipment while being quicker to implement.​

Non operator-dependant devices​

Another requirement is to design analysis devices that are not operator dependent and can be used equally by veterinarians, hydrologists, agriculture technicians and farm workers. Finally, these devices need to either be energy independent or require very low consumption while still being connected objects that can transmit their results.​​

​Technology demonstrators​ ​ ​ ​ ​​

Imagerie médicale

A portable and automated system for collecting and identifying bioaerosols using biomolecular amplification​​​​

Dispositifs médicaux

Gas sampling & analysis on-the-go ​


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Thematic file​​​
Micro-nano technologies for health​

Partnership contact​​
​Health program manager CEA-Leti​
Nadège Nief

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Marion Levy

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