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RISC-V Summit Europe

From 6/24/2024 to 6/28/2024
Munich, Germany

​​​The RISC-V Summit Europe is the premier event that connects the European movers and shakers - from industry, government, research, academia and ecosystem support - that are building the future of innovation on RISC-V.

RISC-V holds significance for Europe due to its potential to foster innovation, enhance technological sovereignty, and stimulate economic growth within the region. By embracing RISC-V, European countries can reduce their dependency on foreign technologies and proprietary architectures, thereby enhancing their autonomy in critical sectors such as telecommunications, cybersecurity, and data processing.

3 demos :​



(ASIC vehicle for component security) integrates innovative, patented hardware security building blocks on 22 nm FD-SOI silicon. It enables all types of standard or customized tests to validate these technologies in operational conditions in order to prepare a transfer to industry...more info​ 

​VXP: Extended Precision Processor

The « VXP » is an extended precision computing accelerator developed by CEA-List that speeds up scientific computing by a factor typically ranging from 3 to 10 or even more...more info

​VPSim: ​Explore, simulate, and validate complex electronic architectures

VPSim is a digital architecture design environment used to speed up design space exploration (DSE) through simulation and rapid validation. Users can model a complex memory hierarchy and estimate its performance, for example, thanks to a wide variety of available processor and device models....more info


2 talks​​ :

  • Speaker: Alessandra Dolmeta, PhD Student​, CEA Leti
    Title: Exploring Accelerator Integration With Core-V eXtention InterFace (CV-X-IF) for Kyber

  • Speaker: Lilia ZAOURAR, PhD, Expert Co-design HW/SW, CEA LIS
    Title: Exploring RISC-V architectures with VPSim, a virtual prototyping environment with the best trade-off between simulation speed & accuracy

Practical information

Website:​ ​

Contact : Marie-Sophi​e Masselot and Lilia Zaourar with any questions.​

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