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Valeo and the CEA to collaborate on advanced research in power electronic to prepare for tomorrow’s electric mobility

​Valeo and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) signed an agreement to collaborate on the next generations of power electronics, which are at the heart of the challenges facing tomorrow's electric mobility.

Published on 13 September 2022

Power electronics are key to motor control, energy management and charging speed in electric vehicles. Valeo and the CEA's teams will work together on advanced research into innovative electronic technologies with the aim of improving electric vehicle efficiency (increasing driving range), optimizing the powertrain and reducing the weight of onboard power electronics.

As a champion of electrification, Valeo will contribute its expertise in power electronics, an area in which it has a leading position.

Xavier Dupont, President of Valeo's Powertrain Systems Business Group, said: "The world of mobility is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, leading to a significant acceleration in electrification. Valeo is at the heart of this transformation, and this new collaboration with the CEA in the field of power electronics will enable us to further accelerate in electrification, offering the best technologies while at the same time addressing the challenge of carbon neutrality."

The CEA will contribute its expertise in the fields of microelectronics and materials, as well as in the definition and design of digital twins to optimize the conversion systems being researched.

Sébastien Dauvé, Chief Executive Officer of CEA-Leti, commented, "This agreement demonstrates CEA's commitment to the key challenges related to vehicle electrification. The partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to support the industry, which focuses on the design of innovative power components all the way through to the development of high-performance conversion systems. We are delighted to support Valeo's strategy and our teams are highly motivated by the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions." 
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This agreement is part of the IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) dedicated to electronics, which aims to promote innovation in strategic and forward-looking industrial fields (France 2030) through transnational European projects.

Innovation is central to Valeo's growth strategy. The Group has been ranked as the world's leading French patent applicant, with 1,777 patents filed in one year (2020), according to the list published by France's INPI intellectual property institute on June 14, 2022. Last year, 45% of its order intake was for technologies that didn't exist three years prior. The agreement signed with the CEA further illustrates Valeo's commitment to innovation.

About Valeo:

As a technology company, Valeo is a partner to all automakers worldwide and to new actors in mobility, working together to create mobility that is cleaner, safer and smarter through its innovations. Valeo is a technological and industrial leader in electrification, driving assistance systems, the reinvention of the interior experience and lighting. These four areas, which are essential to the transformation of mobility, will drive the Group's growth in the coming years. Valeo is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. In 2021, Valeo generated 17.3 billion euros in sales and invested 12% of Its original equipment sales in R&D. As of Dec. 31, 2021, Valeo has 103,300 employees in 31 countries, 184 production sites, 21 research centers, 43 development centers and 16 distribution platforms.


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About the CEA:

The CEA is a key player in research, development and innovation in four main areas: energy transition, digital transition, technology for the medicine of the future and defense and security.

According to the Clarivate 2022 ranking, the CEA is in The Top 100 Global Innovators, in terms of number of patents filed in France and Europe. We help businesses in all sectors be more competitive, creating high-performance products that stand out from the crowd and developing trail-blazing solutions that lead to changes in our society. We deploy this dynamic approach at sites all over France, aiding local partners to innovate themselves, thus helping to create sustainable value and jobs nationwide, tailored to meet actual industry needs. Alongside this, the CEA provides more than just a kick-start to our 222 startups, agile vectors for transferring the disruptive technology and knowledge developed at our laboratories to industry. For more information:


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