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CEA-Leti unveils its 2021 scientific report and trends that will shape 2022

​The chip shortage has provided an extraordinary boost to semiconductor research and development. International leaders, such as President Biden and President Macron, have made this R&D field a top priority to ensure sovereignty. 

Published on 1 March 2022

​Ranked among the world's best semiconductor research and technology organizations, CEA-Leti will play a key role in helping Europe achieve maximum performance. The 2021 CEA-Leti Scientific Report highlights the major inroads it has made over the past year. Industrial partners will find within the latest R&D available to drive their business value up.

In 2022, CEA-Leti will continue to advance edge artificial intelligence, power electronics, zero-carbon mobility, personalized medicine, 6G telecommunications and cybersecurity to help Europe build a better tomorrow. Most importantly, CEA-Leti will guide the semiconductor industry in reducing its carbon footprint. The institute goal is to reduce the microelectronics hardware and systems energy consumption by a factor of 1,000 by 2030.

Finally, the automotive, IoT and other rapidly growing markets now require very-low-power embedded electronics systems. CEA-Leti will transfer a wide range of key low-power and high-performance technologies to industry, from substrates to memory solutions. FD-SOI offers an unique cost/energy consumption tradeoff, and the institute has been selected to host a FD-SOI 10 nm pilot line in 2022.

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