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Leti Devices Worlshop@IEDM

The 12/4/2016
Nikko Hotel, San Francisco California

​Thank you for attending Leti's workshop @IEDM. To download our presentations, please click below.

  • Welcome/Introduction - Leti at a glance
Dr Marie Semeria
Leti's CEO

  • Which Devices for New Computing Paradigms?
Dr Maud Vinet
Advanced CMOS Laboratory Manager

  • Revisiting the Memory Hierarchy for Tomorrow Computing Systems
Dr Elisa Vianello
Memory Research Engineer
  • 3D Technologies: Several Disruptive Technologies to Look Ahead
Dr Olivier Faynot
Microelectronic Division Manager

  • Brain Inspired Computing for Advanced Image and Pattern Recognition
Dr Marc Duranton
CEA Fellow

  • Quantum Electronic for Efficient Computing
Dr Silvano de Franceschi
Research Engineer
We are looking forward to seeing you again next year at our 2017 Leti's workshop @IEDM

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​Nikko Hotel, San Francisco California

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