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Relax: the most accurate relaxation monitoring device for everyday life

RELAX is one of the most compact and lightweight EEG device measuring and monitoring brain activity outside a clinical environment.

Published on 1 October 2020

The most accurate relaxation monitoring device for everyday life

What is Relax?

  • RELAX is one of the most compact and lightweight EEG device measuring and monitoring brain activity outside a clinical environment.

  • It can be used by anyone at home, work or elsewhere to provide real-time neurofeedback by measuring, for instance, alpha brain waves. Users can monitor their own level of attention and enhance their mindfulness using this safe, user friendly, affordable and non-invasive device. RELAX is fitted with dry electrodes that sense and measure the alpha waves generated by the brain when in a relaxed, laid-back mood.

  • To make the most out of RELAX, CEA-Leti has developed the RELAX App, which live-tracks your relaxation levels by processing and recording your alpha waves.



  • Relax offers various well-being applications including brain fitness through “Neurofeedback”: this powerful stress management and sleep enhancement technique leads to spectacular improvement in a person's quality of life.

What's new? 

  • EEG (Electroencephalography) device to operate with dry electrodes
  • Highly compact and lightweight solution
  • Simplified technology making alpha wave measurement available outside the clinical environment
  • Embedded and on line EEG signal processing (filtering, power spectrum, motion artifact and low skin contact detection)
  • EEG hardware and software development for brain activity measurement spans more than a decade
  • RELAX is built using “off-the-shelf” components
  • Ultra-Low Power BLE with low consumption

What's next? 

  • CEA-Leti researchers continuously work on improving the performance of the RELAX system, including the development of new applications. Because decision support is vital for healthcare, emergency medicine is a special focus. Monitoring brain electrical activity can help make the right decision in the event of sudden loss of consciousness, comas, etc.

  • Manufacturing partners will develop Leti's brain-computer and mental focustechnologies into full hardware-software concepts. They will be able  to develop a wide range of wellness, wearable sports and fitness-related devices such as wrist band and chest strap – currently under development.


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