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A Commitment of Necessary Resources and Expertise

Published on 8 February 2024

A Commitment of Necessary Resources and Expertise

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One of the grand challenges of quantum computing development is the effective linking of groundbreaking laboratory research and proof-of-concept realization with prototyping, pre-industrialization activities, and subsequent productization and production.

  • Academic research organizations typically focus on the earlier stages, and private-sector companies on the later ones, but since its founding in 1967, CEA-Leti has followed a unique approach to developing "full stacks" of effective, manufacturable technologies that reach market successfully. 

  • This involves cultivating a combination of world-class facilities and personnel, fostering a working environment that takes a long view of the research-tomarket process, and building strong relationships with companies (including established leaders, spinouts, and startups) and establishing scientific collaborations with leading research organizations and universities worldwide.
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