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Quantum: New silicon qubit tester will save years

Published on 6 May 2021
A silicon qubit tester recently acquired by CEA-Leti will substantially speed up quantum computer research. The tester can measure the electrical performance of several hundred qubits processed on a 300 mm wafer at 1.7 K (-271.3 °C). The qubits that make it through these tests will then be tested individually on a cryostat at Institut Néel at temperatures below 100 mK, a requirement for integration into quantum processors.
It takes several months to fabricate a wafer of qubits at CEA-Leti, and several more months to unit-test them at Institut Néel and Irig. Therefore, the time this batch testing step will save the CEA/CNRS silicon quantum program will be measured in years. There are only two testers of this kind in the world. The other one is at Intel in the United States.

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