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Cliiink Technology to change recycling behaviors

​Recently, we celebrate the efforts of individuals and organizations around the world who are committed to reducing waste and preserving our environment. Recycling is more important now than ever, as we face a global climate crisis and a growing waste issue.

Published on 21 March 2023

​One of the biggest challenges in recycling is changing human behavior to prioritize waste reduction and sustainable consumption practices. Terradona, in close collaboration with CEA-Leti, developped an interesting solution :



The first reward program for sorting in France! With the Cliiink card or mobile app, every time you drop glass into a connected sorting container, you earn points! You can then turn your points into vouchers or donations to an association.


How does it work ? 

It's based on a unique combination of low-cost MEMS sensors that are strong enough to operate in harsh, isolated environment. They identify glass and other items and calculate both the size and amount of waste deposited, while ensuring minimal energy consuption. Sensors are coupled with a well designed algorithm and bluetooth system making sure each participant receive their due.


What's new ?

In less than 5 years, a few figures:

- 4000 containers equipped with Cliiink
- 155 000 users
- 100M deposits recorded
- 17 000 tons of CO2 saved
- 2500 partners shops
- 145 000 vouchers used 

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