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AMI - Enriching and facilitating interactions with the digital world

ISKN, now AMI, revolutionized the relationship between physical objects and the digital world through a smart “Slate” that digitizes drawings, notes, and sketches in real time. 

Published on 21 December 2021

Thanks to its simplicity, design, and huge range of applications, the Slate stood out compared to existing solutions. By simply adding a magnetic "ring," users can write on paper with an ordinary pen. The magnetic field that it generates is measured in real time using the Slate's thirty-two triaxial magnetometers. It then generates a digital copy with millimetric precision. Digital creations can be changed, enriched, shared with other users, or viewed as videos to follow creative stages.

Having sold nearly 150,000 copies of its first graphic tablet, AMI went on to conquer new markets with a new product called Repaper, which was launched in the autumn of 2019, in partnership with Faber Castell, the German manufacturer of mechanical pencils. Its qualities? Adding a feature that is able to transcribe pencil pression on a screen, and broadening its range of applications.

The outcome of four years of CEA-Leti research, AMI was created in 2014, based on CEA-Leti augmented interaction technology. It draws on several Leti Institute patents. Its technology is now accessible to high-tech and traditional businesses (toys, writing tools, etc.) that want to launch their digital transformation. AMI has also announced the creation of an augmented interaction consortium alongside Let, STMICROELECTRONICS, Paragon ID, and Rutronik, a German company. ISKN-AMI intends on turning augmented reality into a field of European excellence. At the same time, it is continuing to develop and sell its own line of products. With a turnover of three million euros in 2020, AMI is reinforcing its international position (85% of its export turnover) and has announced its strategy for diversifying its activities, still based on this technology in Education and Gaming.

Founders: Tristan Hautson, Jean-Luc Vallejo et Timothée Jobert.

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