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Leti @ SEMI European Sensors & Imaging Summit

From 9/20/2017 to 9/22/2017
Grenoble, France

Speakers will explore the world of autonomous vehicles, robotics, smart IoT, biomedical systems and consumer technology during these two September 20-22 2017 events to be held at the MINATEC innovation campus in Grenoble, France.

At the keynote session of these SEMI European Summits, Leti CEO Marie Noelle Semeria will share her vision on the future of image sensing and on other innovative sensors for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

STMicroelectronics CEO Carlo Bozotti will introduce the next wave of sensors and actuators in smart connected devices, while LG Electronics Senior VP Chae Lee will highlight the potential of sensors and actuators.  Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) Director Hubert Lakner will describe the setting up of a new German cooperative research laboratory, a powerful tool at the service of the European microelectronics industry.

These leading players of European technology and many other innovators will consider how sensors and imaging technologies now and will further enrich human experience through multiple applications in every technological sector.


Leti feature presentations:

  • In the era of mixed reality and augmented environment sensing, what does innovation mean? What is Leti’s vision?

       Marie Noelle Semeria, CEO, Cea-Leti

  • Lensfree microscopy: a new framework for imaging viruses, bacteria, cells and tissue

        Cedric Allier, Scientist & Project Manager, CEA-Leti 
       Session 6: Hyperspectral and Industrial Imaging | Friday, September 22 2017 | 8.20 am.

  • Key technologies and EDA environment for enabling smart Cyber Physical Systems
    Thierry Collette, VP Division, Architecture, Design and Embedded SW division, CEATech

         Session 7: Smart Applications using AR, VR and 3D  | Friday, September 22 2017 | 8.25 am.

Practical information

​Minatec, Grenoble FRANCE
Imaging & Sensors Summit: Stay in touch via Twitter at (use #imagingEU).

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