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Published on 20 December 2021

Making camera lighter, brighter and more compact


  What is Pixcurve?

PIXCURVE is CEA-Leti’s latest curving technology for various optical components. This technology helps significantly reduce optical component size and achieve higher level of performance and compensation for optical aberrations.

Compactness: Up to 60% reduction in lens size 
in some cases without altering the quality of the image.

Performance & compensation for optical aberrations:

  • Minimizing the vignetting effect
  • Enhancing field of view
  • Enhancing luminosity

PIXCURVE is easy-to-implement for image sensor manufacturers, and allows integrators to fabricate more compact and higher quality cameras.


CEA-Leti’s technology can be adapted to curve various optical components—2D & 3D imagers, IR sensors, Microdisplays—for:

  What's new?

CEA-Leti worked on different shapes for curved image sensors and microdispays including spherical, cylindrical or free-form. Tunable curvature technology is also being developed for adjustable shapes.

  What's next?

CEA-Leti is currently working on:

  • Wafer level curvature technologies for high-volume applications
  • Tunable curvature for disruptive optical applications
  • Curved microdisplays
  • Optical designs dedicated to curved sensors

The institute is also partnering with industrial companies to help establish supply-chain solutions.


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