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CEA-Leti's Quantum Ecosystem

Published on 8 February 2024

CEA-Leti's Quantum Ecosystem

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  • The multidisciplinary expertise needed for quantum computing development transcends the capabilities of any single organization, even one with as much diversity as CEA. An especially wide range of disciplines is involved, from mathematics and physics to computer science, cryogenics, materials science, software development, and of course the many skills needed for advanced semiconductor design and production.

  • CEA-Leti has longstanding pre-existing partnerships in many of these areas, with organizations like the Néel Institute at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), CEA-List, CEA-Irig, and CEA-Iramis, universities like MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, Université Grenoble Alpes, and the University of New South Wales in Australia, as well as dozens of leading technology-based corporations.

  • In 2018, CEA-Leti, Institute Louis Néel from CNRS, University of Grenoble Alps, and CEA-IRIG joined forces and formed the Quantum Silicon Grenoble group to work on silicon-based quantum computing. The group was awarded an ERC Synergy grant.

  • The team’s early accomplishments include publication of its breakthrough 28nm FD-SOI Quantum Integrated Circuit project at the ISSCC 2020 conference and expansion of its operations in quantum engineering; it is continuing to pursue its goal of developing a scalable quantum processor based on state-of-the-art silicon technology.


In 2016, CEA-Leti joined the local multidisciplinary QuEnG network (Quantum En gineering Grenoble). Building on the unique concentration of expertises in Grenoble, QuEng is training outstanding students to become the future quantum engineers.