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Publications & Books

Publications & Books

​List of latest publications and books

Published on 28 February 2017

​Books published by Leti scientists 

​François SIMOENS, ‘Cameras’ chapter of the ‘Handbook of Terahertz Technologies: Devices
and Applications’, edited by Ho-Jin Song & Tadao Nagatsuma, published by CRC Press
​Laurent DURAFFOURG and Julien ARCAMONE edited the book “Nanoelectromechanical
Systems” published by ISTE, WILEY, also in French with ISTE editions.
Damien BORDEL and Sylvie MENEZO with a chapter in the «Nanodevices for Photonics and
Electronics: Advances and Applications” book published by CRC Press

​List of recent publications

Coherent tunneling in an AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterojunction captured through an analogy with a MOS contact
Baines Y., Buckley J., Biscarrat J., Garnier G., Charles M., Vandendaele W., Gillot C., Plissonnier M.
Battery aging-aware energy management of green small cells powered by the smart grid
Mendil M., De Domenico A., Heiries V., Caire R., Hadjsaid N.
The 5G candidate waveform race: a comparison of complexity and performance
Gerzaguet R., Bartzoudis N., Baltar L.G., Berg V., Doré J.-B., Kténas D., Font-Bach O., Mestre X., Payaró M., Färber M., Roth K.
Temperature and Injection Dependence of Photoluminescence Decay in Midwave Infrared HgCdTe
Delacourt B., Ballet P., Boulard F., Ferron A., Bonnefond L., Pellerin T., Kerlain A., Destefanis V., Rothman J.
Fabrication of nanotweezers and their remote actuation by magnetic fields
Iss C., Ortiz G., Truong A., Hou Y., Livache T., Calemczuk R., Sabon P., Gautier E., Auffret S., Buda-Prejbeanu L.D., Strelkov N., Joisten H., Dieny B.
Quantitative comparison of PZT and CMUT probes for photoacoustic imaging: Experimental validation
Vallet M., Varray F., Boutet J., Dinten J.-M., Caliano G., Savoia A.S., Vray D.
One-reactor plasma assisted fabrication of ZnO@TiO 2 multishell nanotubes: Assessing the impact of a full coverage on the photovoltaic performance
Filippin A.N., MacIas-Montero M., Saghi Z., Idígoras J., Burdet P., Sanchez-Valencia J.R., Barranco A., Migdley P.A., Anta J.A., Borras A.
Flexible metal-semiconductor-metal device prototype on wafer-scale thick boron nitride layers grown by MOVPE
Li X., Jordan M.B., Ayari T., Sundaram S., El Gmili Y., Alam S., Alam M., Patriarche G., Voss P.L., Paul Salvestrini J., Ougazzaden A.
Emission wavelength red-shift by using “semi-bulk” InGaN buffer layer in InGaN/InGaN multiple-quantum-well
Alam S., Sundaram S., Li X., El Gmili Y., Elouneg-Jamroz M., Robin I.C., Patriarche G., Salvestrini J.-P., Voss P.L., Ougazzaden A.
Doping porous silicon with erbium: Pores filling as a method to limit the Er-clustering effects and increasing its light emission
Mula G., Printemps T., Licitra C., Sogne E., D'Acapito F., Gambacorti N., Sestu N., Saba M., Pinna E., Chiriu D., Ricci P.C., Casu A., Quochi F., Mura A., Bongiovanni G., Falqui A.
Bayesian inference for biomarker discovery in proteomics: an analytic solution
Dridi N., Giremus A., Giovannelli J.-F., Truntzer C., Hadzagic M., Charrier J.-P., Gerfault L., Ducoroy P., Lacroix B., Grangeat P., Roy P.
Ni and Ti silicide oxidation for CMOS applications investigated by XRD, XPS and FPP
Rahman M.K., Nemouchi F., Chevolleau T., Gergaud P., Yckache K.
Advanced characterizations of fluorine-free tungsten film and its application as low resistance liner for PCRAM
Rodriguez P., Famulok R., Le Friec Y., Reynard J.-P., Bozon B.-N., Boyer F., Dabertrand K., Jahan C., Favier S., Mazel Y., Previtali B., Gergaud P., Nemouchi F.
Targeting tumors with cyclic RGD-conjugated lipid nanoparticles loaded with an IR780 NIR dye: In vitro and in vivo evaluation
Choi J., Rustique E., Henry M., Guidetti M., Josserand V., Sancey L., Boutet J., Coll J.-L.
Development and validation of an HPLC-fluorescence method for the quantification of IR780-oleyl dye in lipid nanoparticles
Varache M., Escudé M., Laffont C., Rustique E., Couffin A.-C.
In-line monitoring of strain distribution using high resolution X-ray Reciprocal space mapping into 20 nm SiGe pMOS
Durand A., Kaufling M., Le-Cunff D., Rouchon D., Gergaud P.
Low-temperature and scalable CVD route to WS2 monolayers on SiO2/Si substrates
Cadot S., Renault O., Rouchon D., Mariolle D., Nolot E., Thieuleux C., Veyre L., Okuno H., Martin F., Quadrelli E.A.
Toward an accurate quantification in atom probe tomography reconstruction by correlative electron tomography approach on nanoporous materials
Mouton I., Printemps T., Grenier A., Gambacorti N., Pinna E., Tiddia M., Vacca A., Mula G.
Benefits of XPS nanocharacterization for process development and industrial control of thin SiGe channel layers in advanced CMOS technologies
Fauquier L., Pelissier B., Jalabert D., Pierre F., Hartmann J.M., Rozé F., Doloy D., Le Cunff D., Beitia C., Baron T.
Structural and Ferromagnetic Properties of Sputtered FeCoB/AlN Soft Magnetic Multilayers for GHz Applications
Falub C.V., Hida R., Medu?a M., Zweck J., Michel J.-P., Sibuet H., Schneider D., Bless M., Richter J.H., Rohrmann H.
Monolithically Integrated Electrically Pumped Continuous-Wave III-V Quantum Dot Light Sources on Silicon
Liao M., Chen S., Chen S., Huo S., Wu J., Tang M., Kennedy K., Li W., Kumar S., Martin M., Baron T., Jin C., Ross I., Seeds A., Liu H.
Huge gain in pyroelectric energy conversion through epitaxy for integrated self-powered nanodevices
Moalla R., Vilquin B., Saint-Girons G., Le Rhun G., Defay E., Sebald G., Baboux N., Bachelet R.
Non-local electrical spin injection and detection in germanium at room temperature
Rortais F., Vergnaud C., Marty A., Vila L., Attané J.-P., Widiez J., Zucchetti C., Bottegoni F., Jaffrès H., George J.-M., Jamet M.
Neuroprotective surgical strategies in Parkinson’s disease: Role of preclinical data
Torres N., Molet J., Moro C., Mitrofanis J., Benabid A.L.
Photovoltaic Ge/SiGe quantum dot mid-infrared photodetector enhanced by surface plasmons
Yakimov A.I., Kirienko V.V., Bloshkin A.A., Armbrister V.A., Dvurechenskii A.V., Hartmann J.-M.
Homojunction silicon solar cells doping by ion implantation
Milési F., Coig M., Lerat J.-F., Desrues T., Le Perchec J., Lanterne A., Lachal L., Mazen F.
Identifying exposition to low oxygen environment in human macrophages using secondary ion mass spectrometry and multivariate analysis
Court M., Barnes J.-P., Millet A.
On the understanding of cathode related trapping effects in GaN-on-Si Schottky diodes
Vandendaele W., Lorin T., Gwoziecki R., Baines Y., Biscarrat J., Jaud M.A., Gillot C., Charles M., Plissonnier M., Reimbold G.
A new method for junctionless transistors parameters extraction
Trevisoli R., Doria R.T., De Souza M., Pavanello M.A., Barraud S.
Advances in the understanding of microscopic switching mechanisms in ReRAM devices (Invited paper)
Skienard B., Blaise P., Traore B., Dragoni A., Nail C., Vianello E.
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