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Publications & Books

Publications & Books

​List of latest publications and books

Published on 28 February 2017

​Books published by Leti scientists 

​François SIMOENS, ‘Cameras’ chapter of the ‘Handbook of Terahertz Technologies: Devices
and Applications’, edited by Ho-Jin Song & Tadao Nagatsuma, published by CRC Press
​Laurent DURAFFOURG and Julien ARCAMONE edited the book “Nanoelectromechanical
Systems” published by ISTE, WILEY, also in French with ISTE editions.
Damien BORDEL and Sylvie MENEZO with a chapter in the «Nanodevices for Photonics and
Electronics: Advances and Applications” book published by CRC Press

​List of recent publications

The 5G candidate waveform race: a comparison of complexity and performance
Gerzaguet R., Bartzoudis N., Baltar L.G., Berg V., Doré J.-B., Kténas D., Font-Bach O., Mestre X., Payaró M., Färber M., Roth K.
Detection of N-Te bonds in the as-deposited amorphous nitrogen-doped GeTe-based phase change alloys using N K-edge XANES spectroscopy and their impact on crystallization
Krbal M., Kolobov A.V., Fons P., Mitrofanov K.V., Tamenori Y., Hyot B., Andre B., Tominaga J.
Optimization of an electron impact ion source on a MEMS time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Vigne S., Alava T., Tassetti C.-M., Duraffourg L., Progent F.
Leakage current conduction in metal gate junctionless nanowire transistors
Oproglidis T.A., Karatsori T.A., Barraud S., Ghibaudo G., Dimitriadis C.A.
Vortex spin-torque oscillator stabilized by phase locked loop using integrated circuits
Kreissig M., Lebrun R., Protze F., Merazzo-Jaimes K., Hem J., Vila L., Ferreira R., Cyrille M.-C., Ellinger F., Cros V., Ebels U., Bortolotti P.
Effective inelastic scattering cross-sections for background analysis in HAXPES of deeply buried layers
Risterucci P., Renault O., Zborowski C., Bertrand D., Torres A., Rueff J.-P., Ceolin D., Grenet G., Tougaard S.
Characterizing the behavior of scattered radiation in multi-energy x-ray imaging
Sossin A., Rebuffel V., Tabary J., Létang J.M., Freud N., Verger L.
Impact of morphological changes of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 on lithium-ion cathode performances
Pierre-Etienne C., David P., Mikael C., Pascal M.
InGaN/InGaN multiple-quantum-well grown on InGaN/GaN semi-bulk buffer for blue to cyan emission with improved optical emission and efficiency droop
Alam S., Sundaram S., Elouneg-Jamroz M., Li X., El Gmili Y., Robin I.C., Voss P.L., Salvestrini J.-P., Ougazzaden A.
Carrier scattering in high-?/metal gate stacks
Zeng Z., Triozon F., Niquet Y.-M.
Correlation of Bandgap Reduction with Inversion Response in (Si)GeSn/High-k/Metal Stacks
Schulte-Braucks C., Narimani K., Glass S., Von Den Driesch N., Hartmann J.M., Ikonic Z., Afanas’ev V.V., Zhao Q.T., Mantl S., Buca D.
Impact of In doping on GeTe phase-change materials thin films obtained by means of an innovative plasma enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition process
Szkutnik P.D., Aoukar M., Todorova V., Angélidès L., Pelissier B., Jourde D., Michallon P., Vallée C., Noé P.
Raman spectral shift versus strain and composition in GeSn layers with 6%-15% Sn content
Gassenq A., Milord L., Aubin J., Pauc N., Guilloy K., Rothman J., Rouchon D., Chelnokov A., Hartmann J.M., Reboud V., Calvo V.
Material-specific imaging system using energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction and spatially resolved CdZnTe detectors with potential application in breast imaging
Barbes D., Tabary J., Paulus C., Hazemann J.-L., Verger L.
Robust silicon-on-insulator adiabatic splitter optimized by metamodeling
Hassan K., Durantin C., Hugues V., Szelag B., Glière A.
Non-metal to metal transition in n-type ZnO single crystal materials
Brochen S., Feuillet G., Santailler J.-L., Obrecht R., Lafossas M., Ferret P., Chauveau J.-M., Pernot J.
Wideband Linearly Polarized Transmitarray Antenna for 60 GHz Backhauling
Jouanlanne C., Clemente A., Huchard M., Keignart J., Barbier C., Le Nadan T., Petit L.
Impact of series resistance on the operation of junctionless transistors
Jeon D.-Y., Park S.J., Mouis M., Barraud S., Kim G.-T., Ghibaudo G.
Quantitative Analysis of la and Al Additives Role on Dipole Magnitude Inducing Vt Shift in High-K/Metal Gate Stack
Suarez-Segovia C., Leroux C., Domengie F., Ghibaudo G.
Gate patterning strategies to reduce the gate shifting phenomenon for 14 nm fully depleted silicon-on-insulator technology
Ros O., Pargon E., Fouchier M., Gouraud P., Barnola S.
Joint Energy Detection and Massive Array Design for Localization and Mapping
Guidi F., Guerra A., Dardari D., Clemente A., D'Errico R.
An Efficient Method of Power Spectral Density Estimation for On-Chip IR-UWB Transmitter Self-Calibration
Goavec A., Zarudniev M., Vauche R., Hameau F., Gaubert J., Mercier E.
Modeled optical properties of SiGe and Si layers compared to spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements
Kriso C., Triozon F., Delerue C., Schneider L., Abbate F., Nolot E., Rideau D., Niquet Y.-M., Mugny G., Tavernier C.
Pauli spin blockade in CMOS double quantum dot devices
Kotekar-Patil D., Corna A., Maurand R., Crippa A., Orlov A., Barraud S., Hutin L., Vinet M., Jehl X., De Franceschi S., Sanquer M.
Classical information transfer between distant quantum dots using individual electrons in fast moving quantum dots
Hermelin S., Bertrand B., Takada S., Yamamoto M., Tarucha S., Ludwig A., Wieck A.D., Bäuerle C., Meunier T.
An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the electrochemical behaviour of iron molybdate thin films in lithium and sodium cells
Grissa R., Martinez H., Pelé V., Cotte S., Pecquenard B., Le Cras F.
Wavelength conversion of complex modulation formats in a compact SiGe waveguide
Ettabib M.A., Lacava C., Liu Z., Bogris A., Kapsalis A., Brun M., Labeye P., Nicoletti S., Syvridis D., Richardson D.J., Petropoulos P.
Thin hybrid pixel assembly fabrication development with backside compensation layer
Bates R., Buttar C., McMullen T., Cunningham L., Ashby J., Doherty F., Pares G., Vignoud L., Kholti B., Vahanen S.
Level Spectrum and Charge Relaxation in a Silicon Double Quantum Dot Probed by Dual-Gate Reflectometry
Crippa A., Maurand R., Kotekar-Patil D., Corna A., Bohuslavskyi H., Orlov A.O., Fay P., Laviéville R., Barraud S., Vinet M., Sanquer M., De Franceschi S., Jehl X.
Raman-strain relations in highly strained Ge: Uniaxial ?100?, ?110? and biaxial (001) stress
Gassenq A., Tardif S., Guilloy K., Duchemin I., Pauc N., Hartmann J.M., Rouchon D., Widiez J., Niquet Y.M., Milord L., Zabel T., Sigg H., Faist J., Chelnokov A., Rieutord F., Reboud V., Calvo V.
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