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Publications & Books

Publications & Books

​List of latest publications and books

Published on 28 February 2017

​Books published by Leti scientists 

​François SIMOENS, ‘Cameras’ chapter of the ‘Handbook of Terahertz Technologies: Devices
and Applications’, edited by Ho-Jin Song & Tadao Nagatsuma, published by CRC Press
​Laurent DURAFFOURG and Julien ARCAMONE edited the book “Nanoelectromechanical
Systems” published by ISTE, WILEY, also in French with ISTE editions.
Damien BORDEL and Sylvie MENEZO with a chapter in the «Nanodevices for Photonics and
Electronics: Advances and Applications” book published by CRC Press

​List of recent publications

The 5G candidate waveform race: a comparison of complexity and performance
Gerzaguet R., Bartzoudis N., Baltar L.G., Berg V., Doré J.-B., Kténas D., Font-Bach O., Mestre X., Payaró M., Färber M., Roth K.
Fabrication of nanotweezers and their remote actuation by magnetic fields
Iss C., Ortiz G., Truong A., Hou Y., Livache T., Calemczuk R., Sabon P., Gautier E., Auffret S., Buda-Prejbeanu L.D., Strelkov N., Joisten H., Dieny B.
Low-cost embossed-paper micro-channels for spontaneous capillary flow
Gosselin D., Belgacem M.N., Joyard-Pitiot B., Baumlin J.M., Navarro F., Chaussy D., Berthier J.
Thorough XPS analyses on overlithiated manganese spinel cycled around the 3V plateau
Grissa R., Martinez H., Cotte S., Galipaud J., Pecquenard B., Cras F.L.
Real time observation and automated measurement of red blood cells agglutination inside a passive microfluidic biochip containing embedded reagents
Huet M., Cubizolles M., Buhot A.
CIGS solar cells on ultra-thin glass substrates: Determination of mechanical properties by nanoindentation and application to bending-induced strain calculation
Gerthoffer A., Poulain C., Roux F., Emieux F., Grenet L., Perraud S.
Transmission measurements of multilayer interference filters developed for a full integration on Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor chips
Masarotto L., Frey L., Charles M.L., Roule A., Rodriguez G., Souil R., Morales C., Larrey V.
Tunable X-Band Optoelectronic Oscillators Based on External-Cavity Semiconductor Lasers
Chang C.-Y., Wishon M.J., Choi D., Dong J., Merghem K., Ramdane A., Lelarge F., Martinez A., Locquet A., Citrin D.S.
Analytical ultracentrifugation for analysis of doxorubicin loaded liposomes
Mehn D., Iavicoli P., Cabaleiro N., Borgos S.E., Caputo F., Geiss O., Calzolai L., Rossi F., Gilliland D.
Detection of N-Te bonds in the as-deposited amorphous nitrogen-doped GeTe-based phase change alloys using N K-edge XANES spectroscopy and their impact on crystallization
Krbal M., Kolobov A.V., Fons P., Mitrofanov K.V., Tamenori Y., Hyot B., Andre B., Tominaga J.
Optimization of an electron impact ion source on a MEMS time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Vigne S., Alava T., Tassetti C.-M., Duraffourg L., Progent F.
Leakage current conduction in metal gate junctionless nanowire transistors
Oproglidis T.A., Karatsori T.A., Barraud S., Ghibaudo G., Dimitriadis C.A.
Vortex spin-torque oscillator stabilized by phase locked loop using integrated circuits
Kreissig M., Lebrun R., Protze F., Merazzo-Jaimes K., Hem J., Vila L., Ferreira R., Cyrille M.-C., Ellinger F., Cros V., Ebels U., Bortolotti P.
Effective inelastic scattering cross-sections for background analysis in HAXPES of deeply buried layers
Risterucci P., Renault O., Zborowski C., Bertrand D., Torres A., Rueff J.-P., Ceolin D., Grenet G., Tougaard S.
Growth by MOCVD of In(Ga)AlN alloys, and a study of gallium contamination in these layers under nitrogen and hydrogen carrier gas
Bouveyron R., Charles M.B.
The effect of AlN nucleation temperature on inverted pyramid defects in GaN layers grown on 200 mm silicon wafers
Charles M., Baines Y., Bos S., Escoffier R., Garnier G., Kanyandekwe J., Lebreton J., Vandendaele W.
Short-range atomic ordering in nonequilibrium silicon-germanium-tin semiconductors
Mukherjee S., Kodali N., Isheim D., Wirths S., Hartmann J.M., Buca D., Seidman D.N., Moutanabbir O.
H+ ion-induced damage and etching of multilayer graphene in H2 plasmas
Davydova A., Despiau-Pujo E., Cunge G., Graves D.B.
Thermal stability of Ni1?uPtu(0 &lt, u &lt,0.15) germanosilicide
Bourjot E., Grégoire M., Nemouchi F., Mangelinck D.
Study of a silicon/glass bonded structure with a UV-curable adhesive for temporary bonding applications
Montméat P., Enot T., De Marco Dutra M., Pellat M., Fournel F.
Characterizing the behavior of scattered radiation in multi-energy x-ray imaging
Sossin A., Rebuffel V., Tabary J., Létang J.M., Freud N., Verger L.
Developments in understanding the nucleation of AlN on silicon by MOCVD and its effects on defects
Charles M., Bavard A., Bouis R., Baines Y., Escoffier R.
Capping stability of Mg-implanted GaN layers grown on silicon
Lardeau-Falcy A., Coig M., Charles M., Licitra C., Baines Y., Eymery J., Mazen F.
Impact of morphological changes of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 on lithium-ion cathode performances
Pierre-Etienne C., David P., Mikael C., Pascal M.
InGaN/InGaN multiple-quantum-well grown on InGaN/GaN semi-bulk buffer for blue to cyan emission with improved optical emission and efficiency droop
Alam S., Sundaram S., Elouneg-Jamroz M., Li X., El Gmili Y., Robin I.C., Voss P.L., Salvestrini J.-P., Ougazzaden A.
Investigation of p-contact performance for indium rich InGaN based light emitting diodes and solar cells
Alam S., Sundaram S., Haas H., Li X., El Gmili Y., Jamroz M.E., Robin I.C., Voss P.L., Salvestrini J.-P., Ougazzaden A.
Ion-assisted gate recess process induced damage in GaN channel of AlGaN/GaN Schottky barrier diodes studied by deep level transient spectroscopy
Ferrandis P., Charles M., Baines Y., Buckley J., Garnier G., Gillot C., Reimbold G.
Ultra-thin dielectric insertions for contact resistivity lowering in advanced CMOS: Promises and challenges
Borrel J., Hutin L., Kava D., Gassilloud R., Bernier N., Morand Y., Nemouchi F., Gregoire M., Dubois E., Vinet M.
Influence of interlayer coupling on the spin-torque-driven excitations in a spin-torque oscillator
Romera M., Monteblanco E., Garcia-Sanchez F., Delaët B., Buda-Prejbeanu L.D., Ebels U.
Formation of Two-Dimensional Micelles on Graphene: Multi-Scale Theoretical and Experimental Study
Robinson B.J., Bailey S.W.D., O'Driscoll L.J., Visontai D., Welsh D.J., Mostert A.B., Mazzocco R., Rabot C., Jarvis S.P., Kolosov O.V., Bryce M.R., Lambert C.
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