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Leti Photonics Workshop @PHOTONICS WEST 2019

From 2/6/2019 to 2/6/2019
San Francisco, California

For the 4th consecutive year,  Leti will host a satellite photonics workshop and networking cocktail reception on February 6th, at 5:30 pm, in San Francisco, W-Hotel, a few block away from Photonics west venue. During this workshop, Leti will unveil its latest research toward greater photonics-electronics and software convergence.

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Ludovic Poupinet (Leti)
Head of Optics & Photonics Division

Next generation disruptive adaptive driving headlight technology

Jy Bhardwaj
Chief Technology Officer of Lumileds

Smart retina for Edge Intelligence

Marc Duranton (Leti)
CEA fellow, Architecture, IC Design & Embedded Software Division

Towards Smart Miniaturized LIDAR

Eleonore Hardy (Leti)
Business developer, Silicon Photonics

On-chip optical sensing for chemical trace detection

Sergio Nicoletti (Leti)
Business Developer, Optical Sensors

A solution towards large-area MicroLED displays

François Templier (Leti)
Strategic Marketing Manager for Displays

Curved image sensor: a minor change for great benefits

Alexis Rochas (Leti)
Business Developer, Visible Imaging


Practical information


February 6th, at 5:30 pm, in San Francisco, W-Hotel

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