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ISSCC 2020

From 2/16/2020 to 2/20/2020
San Francisco Marriott Marquis, CA, USA

Leti, an institute of CEA-Tech, will present four papers at ISSCC 2020:

  • Loïck Le Guevel and co-workers

« A 110mK 295μW 28nm FD-SOI CMOS Quantum Integrated Circuit with a 2.8GHz Excitation and nA Current Sensing of an On-chip Double Quantum Dot »

  • Adrien Morel and co-workers
« Self-Tunable Phase-Shifted SECE Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting IC with a 30nW MPPT achieving 446% Energy-Bandwidth Improvement and 94% Efficiency »

  • Anthony Quelen and co-workers

« Electromagnetic Mechanical Energy Harvester IC with no off-chip Component and One switching period MPPT achieving up to 95.9% end-to-end Efficiency and 460% Energy Extraction Gain »

  • Pascal Vivet and co-workers

"A 220 Gops 96-core Processor with 6 Chiplets 3D-stacked on an Active Interposer offering0.6 ns/mm Latency 3 TBit/s/mm2 inter-Chiplet Interconnects and 156 mW/mm2@82% DC-DC Converters »

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​San Francisco Marriott Marquis, CA, USA

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