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Sigma Fusion

SigmaFusion based on AURIX

Low-power sensor fusion solution for safe autonomous driving
Published on 18 December 2019

Safe perception with low power sensor fusion based on infineon AURIXtm 2nd Generation and 77GHz radar


   What is SigmaFusion based on AURIXTM?

SigmaFusion™ is a free-space assessment solution based on multi-sensors fusion. The powerful combination of Leti SigmaFusion™, running with Infineon AURIXTM, Radar and safety supply ensures a safe low-power automotive-grade solution.

SigmaFusionTM based on AURIXTM provides:

  • Safety co-pilot for up to Level 5 autonomous driving system
  • ADAS functions with fail-operational perception of the vehicle environment

   Leti SigmaFusionTM enables:

  • Free-space assessment to increase safety of Artificial Intelligence driving algorithms
  • Automotive-grade multi-sensor fusion for performance and power aware ADAS
  • Accurate, safe and predictable sensor fusion implementation
  • Compatibility with any kind of range sensor
  • Under the 3-watt barrier implementation

   Featured Infineon products:

77GHz Radar RXS8160:

  • 3 transmit – 4 receive 77GHz transceiver with integrated, configurable baseband
  • Powerful programmable waveform generator w/ fast chirp modulation
  • Low-Power 130nm BiCMOS technology in eWLB package

Safety Microcontroller AURIXTM TC397X

  • Six TriCore™ with up to 300 MHz (4x Lockstep plus 2 non-Lockstep Cores),
  • TriCore™ DSP functionality, supporting floating point and fix point with all cores
  • Ethernet 1Gbit, FlexRay, CAN-FD, LIN, SPI
  • 16 MByte embedded Flash memory with latest SOTA requirements

Radar Microcontroller AURIXTM TC397XA

  • 2x radar signal processing unit (SPU) running at 300 MHz each
  • Highspeed LVDS sensor interface up to 3.2Gbps (RIF)
  • 4 MB of internal radar SRAM
  • ISO26262 ASIL-D capable radar processor


  • Integrated monitoring and supervision
  • Reduced number of external components for minimized PCB-area


  • Includes robust Wake-up pattern detection (WUP) fulfilling worldwide wake-up filter timing
  • Is approved without external ESD protection at NAFTA OEMs


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