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P-Scan Test Bench

Published on 18 September 2019

Automated IoT security assessments that improve user confidence

  What is P-Scan?

P-SCAN is CEA-Leti’s latest test bench that performs security assessment of a wide range of IoT products. This automated solution has been designed for simplicity of operation and to reduce security assessment in just a few days.

P-SCAN test bench leverages:
  • Security Test Automation Framework with extended communication capabilities
  • State-of-the-art libraries of security tests relying on known vulnerabilities and attacks
  • IoT Security Assessment Referential defining the Security Requirements to comply with and be associated to Testing Requirements


P-SCAN has been developed leveraging a strategic partnership between Bureau-Veritas and CEA-Leti to assess (then certify) cybersecurity of any IoT products. P-SCAN is a mainstream IoT cybersecurity assessment tool that addresses low or unregulated markets, or new market segments that might appear as per the new European Cybersecurity Act. It helps test the first line of defense of any connected objects — e.g. the communication channels.

P-SCAN can be used as a:
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Security conformance tester

  What's new?

​P-SCAN addresses the growing demand for IoT cybersecurity testing tools to be implemented in any connected devices. The innovation behind P-SCAN relies on a seamless integration of Security Test Suites for heterogeneous communication channels—Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP—into a single framework.

P-SCAN offers both repeatability and reproducibility features and requires low cybersecurity skills. It leverages a black box testing approach to ensure a new security assessment offer. 

P-SCAN has successfully been transferred to Bureau-Veritas.

CEA-Leti worked on different shapes for curved image sensors and microdispays including spherical, cylindrical or free-form. Tunable curvature technology is also being developed for adjustable shapes.

  What's next?

P-SCAN Test Bench is a continuously evolving platform. CEA-Leti teams continuously work on updating and improving security testing libraries, new communication channels, extended security target and requirements.

P-SCAN Test Bench is well suited to respond to the European CyberSecurity Act Certification Schemes for Basic and Substantial Levels.

Bureau Veritas will market in 2019 a service offer leveraging CEA-Leti’s P-SCAN solution.


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