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3D Integration

​Custom your IC Design & Architecture with an easy-to-play 3D kit

Published on 26 January 2021

Custom your IC Design & Architecture with an easy-to-play 3D kit

What is 3D Integration? 
3D-NOC offers a new concept of architecture with its associated IPs, it enables you to:

  • Split your design in chiplets with Leti’s 3D Kit, an advanced concept relying on 3D stacking. It provides the 3D enablement IPs and methodology to deliver best-in-class performances
  • Simplify the design of complex SoCs thanks an asynchronous network-on-chip (ANoC), compatible with traditional bus protocols
  • Communicate between heterogeneous SoCs with high bandwidth and low latency thanks to RDMA

With billions of transistors integrated on SoCs, design is more and more complex and must be approached differently. Leti’s ANoCs, 3D Kit and RDMA provide you with solutions for your high-end SoC. They address various application segments, such as microservers, servers and HPC

What’s new? 
The Leti 3D offer is based on the strong association of 3D technology, design and architecture. We have developed a set of communication IPs and associated design methodology (3D Kit, RDMA, ANOC), validated on complex demonstrators.

Focus on 3D KIT:
  • Target any combination of homogeneous/heterogeneous multi-core and technologies
  • No global clock tree
  • DFT and considering electrostatic discharge protection
  • Full 3D design methodology, including thermal analysis and 3D physical sign-off

Récompenses :  
"8.1 a 4x4x2 homogeneous scalable 3d network-on-chip circuit with 326mflit/s 0.66pj/b robust and fault-tolerant asynchronous 3d links", 2016 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC)


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  • 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC 2016) IEEE 
  • 2016 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC)


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