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Published on 18 December 2019

360FUSION: First 3D anti-crash solution


   What Is 360FUSION?

Leti’s 360FUSION is the first low-power 3D fusion-sensor solution that can be embedded in drones. In combination
with miniaturized sensors, 360FUSION software collects, analyzes and transforms millions of incoming 3D distance
data items into relevant, actionable information.

Fitted on a mass-market microcontroller, this technology detects in a 3D environment any dynamic obstacle
in real-time. Compatible with all types of sensors (lidars, radars, sonars, cameras, etc.), while leveraging the best
data available, 360FUSION’s flexible solution gives companies freedom to choose among various applications.
Leti develops perception technologies for robotics — cars, drones, robots — and safety. The institute developed
360FUSION leveraging its SigmaFusion™ multi-patent technology.


  • Leisure: Drones are expensive and fragile. This system provides consumers with a reliable and affordable integrated anti-crash system.

  • Civil Security: Saving lives and protecting people are a race against time. This technology ensures safe navigation and enables prompt action.

  • Military: Anti-crash systems are vital for reliable antiterrorism operations. 360FUSION ensures fast response combined with maximum performance and accuracy.

  • Infrastructure Inspection: 360FUSION enables safe navigation in GPS-denied environments (i.e. airport

undergrounds, warehouses, lift shafts) as well as in tight infrastructures, from as little as 50-centimer-diameter tunnels.

   What’s new?

360FUSION highlights include:

  • Ultra-compact and miniaturized solution: fits into a low-cost mass-market microcontroller
  • In average 10x cheaper than comparable systems
  • Seamless integration: integrates existing drone technologies
  • First obstacle-avoidance algorithm in a dynamic environment based on cutting-edge laser sensor technology, embedded in a drone
  • Highly integrated perception solution weighs less than 5G
  • New sensor fusion algorithm for safe navigation within tight and GPS-denied infrastructures

What’s Next?

Leti is working on:

  • Equipping a fleet of drones with this technology drones could detect nearby drones and avoid collisions
  • Coordination between drones
  • Enabling detours to a safe route when an obstacle is detected
  • Autonomous flight


Prototype based on
CrazyFlie platform, including
STMicroelectronics’ STM32
Cortex M4 Microcontroler
and multiple VL53L0/L1x
Lidar sensors
• 2 patents common
with Sigma fusion solution
for safe autonomous driving

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