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IPRASENSE launches “Cytonote High Throughput Cell Counter”, its 3rd product leveraging Leti’s lens-free technology

In November 2013, IPRASENSE and Leti started an exclusive research cooperation for developing cell culture monitoring techniques based on Leti-patented Lensfree imaging technology. 

Published on 4 July 2017

IPRASENSE subsequently launched 3 products:

  • In 2015, Cytonote offered a breakthrough solution for real-time Bio-process monitoring (cell culture)
  • In 2016, Cytonote Counter arrived as the simplest automatic benchtop cell counter
  • In 2017, Cytonote High Throughput Cell Counter embodied a high throughput device for microtiter plate cell culture monitoring.

Over a decade of research underpins Leti's patented lens-free technology, which allows observation of biological objects of different orders of magnitude in a large, 24 mm² field of view, e.g. cell tissues (>100μm), cells (>10μm), bacteria (1μm) and viruses (<500 nm).

IPRASENSE focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing cell culture monitoring instruments. The company targets applications for on-line monitoring, counting and characterizing cells cultivated in incubators and bioreactors used for research, drug screening, and bioproduction.

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