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Leti Devices Workshop @ IEDM 2017

From 12/3/2017 to 12/3/2017
Nikko Hotel, San Francisco California

Pioneering Technologies for More than Moore

Leti, the leading French technology-research institute, is very proud to invite you to Leti's workshop @IEDM to be held in San Francisco, California, on December 3rd.

Simultaneously, Leti will present 11 papers at IEDM Conference 2017 in San Francisco, Dec. 2-6, including three invited papers on 3D sequential integration, advanced memory solutions and stacked nanowires FETs.

- Program - 

  • Welcome: Leti celebrates 50 years of innovation
    Leti, CEO

  • RF Devices: breakthroughs thanks to new materials   

       Jean-René Lequepeys
       VP Silicon Components Division, Leti

  • Power Devices: a new era of energy conversion with GaN  
        Léa Di Cioccio
       Scientific Advisor, Leti

  • New Sensors: emerging concepts at nanoscale  
       Thomas Ernst
       Chief Scientist for Silicon Components and Technologies, Leti

  • 3D Technologies: a smart way to enhance performance

        Perrine Batude
        3D Sequential Integration Technical Expert, Leti

  • Si Photonics: latest innovations creating new markets

         Bertrand Szelag
        Project Manager Silicon Photonic Devices, Leti

  • Perspectives on Enabling Connected Intelligence through a More than Moore Roadmap

        Deputy CTO and Vice President of Worldwide R&D, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

The workshop will be followed by a cocktail reception.

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Practical information

​Nikko Hotel, San Francisco California

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