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Published on 19 April 2019

A novel, compact gan led source enabling dynamic spatial control of light towards high brightness and high resolution illumination

   What Is 2dlight?

2DLight is a preliminary demonstration of micro-LED array technology allowing spatial and dynamic control of the
light flux without any moving part.

2DLight projects the emitted light on the scene to be illuminated:

  • White light is obtained by color conversion of blue light
  • Spatial and intensity control of source offers optimization of light distribution and power consumption

  Applications :

Depending on design of the LED array, driving circuit and optical system, this versatile technology addresses several
application fields:

  • Automotive lighting: glare-free headlamps — illumination is dynamically controlled to avoid glare
  • Smart general lighting for indoors and outdoors: light on demand - illumination is shaped as needed
  • Informative lighting: projection from lighting points — displaying information by dynamic control of contrast

   What’s new?

This monolithic LED array has several novel features:

  • Architecture based on common cathode interpixel design and individually

connected anodes > uniform electro-optical characteristics

  • Self-aligned technological approach for patterning of emitting areas

> minimizes interpixel footprint
> minimal efficiency droop enabling maximum emission output per chip

  • Full trench GaN pixelation and edge n-GaN contacting

> minimizes interpixel footprint
> avoids optical crosstalk

  • Scalable process for low pitch / high definition / high resolution arrays
  • Full integrated solution compatible with various hybridization technologies
  • Opportunity for low cost pixelation front-end technolog

How do We work together ?

Industrial partnership

  • Design of technology demonstrator according to customer system specifications
  • Realization of customized LED-array demonstrator
  • Technology transfer/licencing

What’s Next?

In the near future we will work on:

  • Pixelation and hybridization of high resolution-array onto available active driver ASIC
  • Light-extraction enhancement and color-conversion development compatible with low pixel pitch
  • Development of high-power output driver

The generic pixelation technology is also compatible with micro-display applications.*

*“Process and characterization of high resolution GaN/InGaN LED arrays at 10μm pitch for μdisplay applications”, L. DUPRE, Opto, Session 15, Thursday 2 Feb., 3:15 p.m.,Paper 10104-71


>95% emitting area
(4 μm interpitch 182 μm
>self-aligned patterning
• 2 photolithography front-end
levels before hybridization
• Patents pending on:
• array architecture
• pixelation process
and integration
• low-pitch hybridization

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