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Tutorials on Artificial Intelligence

Published on 6 April 2020

AI is the heroine of CEA-Leti's first web series!

If you're a fan of web series and eagerly looking forward to new releases…Let your curiosity prevail and treat yourself to CEA-Leti's first web series broadcast on the Institute's YouTube channel! In this 2-season, 13-episode series, two CEA-Leti research engineers invite you to discover on-board artificial intelligence: edge AI.
CEA-Leti's onboard Artificial Intelligence team is preparing the future by combining innovations in architectural fields dedicated to AI applications: non-volatile memory technology, sensors or advanced algorithms such as incremental learning.

By watching this web series, the layman can learn about or extend his/her knowledge of AI from its inception to the principles and applications of today's edge AI. Season 1 includes eight episodes and is presented by research engineer Frédéric Heitzmann, who heads up CEA-Leti's on-board AI program.

  • ​#5. Neuronal networks capacities
  • ​#6. Neural network architectures
  • ​#7. Learning process
  • ​#4. Models for artificial neurons
  • ​#8. More than just neurons: reinforcement learning & Generative Adversarial Networks

Each episode is in English and runs for six to eleven minutes. This simple, clear web series succeeds in sharing solid scientific content, while remaining accessible to a wide audience. Two episodes are already on-line and a new capsule will be posted through the #ScienceFromHome hashtag…… a very popular spot during this Covid-19 period. 

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#1: Brief history of Artificial Intelligence

This video is the first of a series on artificial intelligence. It deals with the fundamentals of AI, about artificial neural networks, but also about the following practical problems: how to build a neural network, how to debug a neural network, how to organize your data, and so on. This video aims to explore the different existing software frameworks and the hardware platforms.


#2: Machine Learning - learning from data

This video is the second in a series of talks on artificial intelligence. In the previous one you learned about the history of AI and machine learning. This video will present the different methods for a machine to learn something, and there are differences between these methods.


#3 : Why data are so important ?

This video is the thirdin a series of talks on artificial intelligence. In the previous one you learned about the machine learning and waht we can lean from date . This video will present examples and discussion around problems of bias and consistency.