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Quantum LETI: interfaces

Published on 13 November 2018


Quantum Leti: interfaces

Coupling spin qubits to mechanical resonators

The frequencies of what could soon become quantum processors are typically in the microwave domain (between 1 and 10 GHz). But optical frequencies remain the best option for long-distance communications because of the very low losses in optical fibers. Thus a coherent interface between the microwave frequencies and the optical frequencies is necessary. A promising candidate to achieve this conversion is a mechanical nanoresonator (NEMS) because of its multi-scale properties. In the short term, the coupling between a microwave cavity and a CMOS-compatible silicon mechanical nanoresonator will be studied. The resonator will be pushed into its quantum regime by combining active and passive cooling techniques. In the mid-term, optical addressing of the same mechanical nanoresonator will be implemented to perform microwave / optical conversion. This project is based on the complementary skills of the Néel Institute (cryogenics, superconducting microwave resonators) and Leti (NEMS and VLSI optomechanics).

A nanomechanical resonator fabricated in LETI's clean room
A microwave component mounted at the top of an inverted dilution refrigerator

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