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Quantum Leti: sensing

Published on 13 November 2018


Quantum Leti: sensing

Leti is a key player in atomic magnetometry: scalar magnetometers of the three last magnetic measurement missions (Champ, Oersted and Swarm) have been designed in our team. For the latter a technology based on laser pumping a diluted gas of helium-4 allowed to reach an unprecedented level of accuracy [1,2]. ( ESA, CNES)

We are currently working on declinations of these magnetometers for brain imaging, addressing the diagnosis of epilepsy and other neurological disorders. For these applications an extremely low noise is the key feature.

Several works (notably in Polzik's and Romalis' groups) show that quantum advantages, notably spin squeezing and entanglement, can bring significant gains of noise to optically-pumped magnetometers. We are currently studying how to leverage these gains for further generations of helium-4 magnetometers for space exploration and neurological imaging.

​Experiment on a new architecture of a 4He optically pumped magnetometer designed for arrays, in order to address magnetic imaging for the diagnosis of neurological disorders.
​Swarm Absolute Scalar Magnetometer (ASM) is an isotropic optically pumped 4He magnetometer developped in CEA Leti for space exploration (photo C. Cottet)

Most relevant publications:

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