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Quantum Leti: computing

Published on 13 November 2018


Quantum Leti: computing

Leti is supporting the roadmap towards building a quantum processor based on Si quantum bits.

The CEA has unique knowledge in quantum properties of silicon nanodevices, and the teams based in Grenoble recently announced breakthroughs towards large-scale fabrication of qubits, the elementary bricks of future quantum processors. They demonstrated on a 300 mm industrial-scale research and development facility that silicon CMOS technology can be leveraged to create qubits and they fabricated isotopically 28Si substrates to further benefit from intrinsic coherence properties of silicon. The CEA teams in coordination with the CNRS Neel Institute have gathered unique skills to focus on quantum computing in their Quantum Silicon Group.

To support such Si quantum computing developments, the CEA relies on its advanced Silicon-CMOS research and development facility with globally recognised expertise in developing innovative new integrated circuits in partnership with industrial companies


                                                                              schematics of a large scale quantum computer architecture

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